Interest averaging cheaper in 2019 due to new rules

  Due to new rules, interest averaging has become cheaper. Banks may not charge extra costs for averaging. Can your mortgage interest rate be lowered? Only current costs with interest averaging New rules for interest averaging apply from 1 July 2019. From then on, banks are not allowed to charge more costs than the ‘current […]

Is it worth reaching for a consolidation loan?

Consolidation loan A consolidation loan is a bank product that serves to pay off earlier commitments. The bank chosen by the borrower allows the repayment of several existing debts, in return offering one loan, covering the amount necessary to return. The consolidation loan can be used to repay consumer, home and car loans as well […]

Before you refinance a loan

Housing loan The moment for refinancing the zloty loan is perfect. Housing loan spreads in native currency fell to record low levels. Some banks drastically reduced their margins before the end of the year, wanting to improve sales, while others are seeking competitors’ clients who can already show a repayment history. On the other hand, […]

Credit Credit Scoring And Borrowing

Want to fix your credit report? What you should be wary concerning are scams. Even if many people have poor credit histories. Credit reporting agencies target these people with their hoaxes, saying that they should save their cash and pay them for their solutions, or that they can remove bankruptcies, missed payments or some other […]